Having served in the field of VFX and animation for several years, Arpith Aravind set out to pass on his wisdom to everyone for free with his YouTube channel - Manakkotta. Having been an animation lover since his childhood, Arpith has always had a knack for VFX. Since the time Microsoft's Movie Maker was the primary video editing software, Arpith has been working on VFX and animation.

Having gained much experience in VFX, GFX and other related areas, he has set out on a journey to make VFX and animation, among other things a common household thing with his video tutorials in Malayalam.


Manakkotta, based in Kerala, India, is a platform aimed at helping Malayalis master VFX while sitting at their homes and that too, for free! Manakkotta provides beginner-friendly Premiere Pro tutorials in Malayalam alongside other VFX tutorials in Malayalam.

The VFX and GFX tutorials in Malayalam are essentially step-by-step guides making it very easy to understand and follow for even laymen. From time to time, we also share quick tips and tricks for VFX, and GFX. All in all, if you are looking for VFX and GFX tutorials in Malayalam, both basic and advanced, Manakkotta is your one-stop destination!

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